Sponsoring The Japan Culture and Art Festival 2011 (2011年日本文化祭協賛のお願い)

What is Japan Culture and Art Festival in Melbourne?
Through this event, we believe that we can give guests a diverse range of experiences in Japanese culture, opportunities to meet people who love same things as well as we can help people keep their interests in Japan. In 2010, the first year of this festival, 1600 attendance enjoyed “experience” and “exchange”.

Japan Culture Festival Volunteer Team
Minako Fujita (JAPANEASY)

Concept - why this festival is established
It is “Culture day (Bunka no hi)” on November 3rd in Japan. There are many Japanese people living in Melbourne who have great skills but do not have many places to present their abilities, while there are many Australian people who love Japan and Japanese Culture. These people do not have many opportunities to experience both traditional and modern Japanese culture.
All Performers, artists and work shop teachers are volunteers and happy to contribute their skills. This event will not only help people understand and experience Japan’s beautiful culture but also make a stronger bridge between Australian and Japanese people in Melbourne.

Event days and venue
Date: Nov 27th Sun 11:00-4:00pm
Place: Collingwood Town Hall, 140 Hoddle Street
Door charge: $5 *It is free if you are in Kimono, Yukata, Jinbee

Website & FYI
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSkd4tORVYg&feature=player_embedded (Video clip(2minutes))
http://www.gogomelbourne.com.au/events/report/2578.html (GOGO MELBOURNE Article)

Plans for all 2011 festival profits
Donate to Tohoku offshore earthquake affected area

How to sponsor us

A Embrace the festival's concept and have your corporate logo placed under the phrase "we support Japanese cultural exchange".

In this case,

・Logo placed on festival website, facebook page, and festival program.

B Help us spread the word about the festival, by mentioning it on your website, newsletter, facebook or flyer etc.

In this case,

・Larger size logo placed on festival website, FB page, and festival program

・Have your flyers placed at flyer booth at the festival on the day (Please post, or bring on the day)

C If possible, provide some material (eg. art supplies for schoolchildren contributing to the festival's art project, decorations, partitions or other display items…)

In this case,

・Largest size logo placed on festival website, FB page, and festival program

・Have your flyers placed at flyer booth at the festival on the day. (From business card size to A4, one flyer per company. Please post, or bring on the day)

・Receive a mention from MC over PA

・Free entry for 2 to festival

Applications & Logo close: End of October 2011
The earlier you submit, the earlier your logo will be on website. Please send it by pdf file or illustrator

How to apply:
Please contact Japaneasy by mail or direct visit, also tell us which support you can do,(A only, A and C, All of it etc ). Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

After initial contact, exchange logo data.

If choosing option B to support the festival, address details (for DM)

If choosing option C, information on material contribution.

Minako Fujita
Email: [email protected]
Level4, 126 Russell street Melbourne, VIC 3000

This festival is a new event, and is growing through the ideas and efforts of many.

The festival committee would greatly appreciate any ideas or feedback you may have!

Our best regards,
From all Japan culture festival staff

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