【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Introducing HIKARI MISO Miso Paste Series

We proudly have HIKARI MISO products for you to choose from.

For your “Tasty! Delight! Vigour!” Hikari Miso has been established high level food safety program. They use non-genetically modified soy beans to produce all products and we highly recommend to you to have a taste HIKARI MISO products.

By the way, quite a number of people think, "I'm worried about too much salt intake." at the sound of miso soup. However, miso is not just a mere spice. It excels in nutrition, possesses functionality, and you can also gain nutrients from the healthy ingredients in the soup itself.

There is about 1.4 gram of salt per bowl of miso soup, and it is considered small amount for a dish. One bowl of miso soup per meal will not let you go over the 9 gram, which is the ideal amount of salt intake per day. There are a lot of benefits within the miso that was fermented and matured, utilizing the nature of salt. Miso soup is too good to be passed, due to salt content.


Even though salt content in a miso soup is low, you can add various kinds of ingredients that help lower salt intake. For Example, spinach, garland chrysanthemums, and root vegetables, etc that is rich in potassium will prevent systemic absorption of salt. Seaweed, burdock, and konnyaku, etc., will help to discharge salt outside the body. We recommend you to cook miso soup with several healthy ingredients mixed together.

Furthermore, Miso's main ingredient soybeans are filled with high quality protein and have been called "meat of the field." Fermentation of the soybeans generates great deal of Vitamins and Amino Acid which increase a nutrient when becoming miso. Other than this, miso also contains nutrients such as carbohydrate, fat, ash, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and fibre, etc. There is not a food item, that contains this much nutrients besides miso.


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■Hikari White Miso With Dashi 1kg


Miso with dashi soup stock. Mild-tasting miso with a refreshing aroma and mellow flavour.


■Hikari Red (awase) Miso 1kg

The deep aroma and savoury umami of this product come from a blend of two different types of miso.


■Hikari White Miso Without Dashi 1kg

This product boasts the wonderful light flavour and taste of classic Shinshu miso in Japan.


■Hikari Saikyo Style Miso 500g

This beautiful white-colored miso lends dishes an appealing colour.
Perfect for use in Japan’s exquisite kaiseki ryori
he delicate sweetness of this miso sets off the flavor of fish, meat, and vegetables in marinades and sauces.


■Hikari White Miso 10kg

Yellow smooth miso with a bright colour and light, pure taste.


* Miso Scrumbled Eggs used miso paste recipe here


■Hikari White Dengaku Miso 1kg

Dengaku miso that we developed with Hikari Miso. Good for a grilled marinated fish.


* Miso Flavour Pudding used Hikari White Dengaku Miso Recipe here


■Hikari Miso Katsu Sauce 1kg

Finished in refined sweetness.





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