【ICHIBA JUNCION】 Improve your health with agar agar

Agar agar is a health food provided from Rhodophyta. The agar agar is used for gelidium jelly or yokan and directs the cool including the agar jelly in summer.


The main ingredient of the agar is a dietary fibre. It is well known that there are actions to fix the condition of the bowls, but a study show us that there is a further health benefit.

• Blood pressure decline
• Decline of cholesterol
• Prevention of colon cancer
• Decline of the blood sugar level
• Prevention of obesity and relieve constipation
• Skin roughness and irritation cancellation

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It is difficult for us to take in agar by the very everyday meal, but powder agar is recommended to be taken in every day.  Just only dissolve it in the warm drink of the mug in small quantities (approximately 4 g).  The drink becomes the agar jelly just to cool it in a refrigerator.

In addition, of course we can use it for an everyday dish because there is not taste. We can take in a dietary fibre easily by dissolving it in water and soup stock*. Furthermore, the lustre of steamed rice increases by mix 1g of the agar agar powder per 140-160g rice when cooking, and minerals included in the agar urge absorption of calcium.

* Because the agar powder is easy to set in the bottom, you should stir from the bottom of a pot. Please add seasoning after boiling.

It seems to be easily taken in agar. Because calorie zero, a dietary fibre are plentiful , and there is the effect to promote dieting, an effect seems to be provided by continuing taking in agar agar it every day!

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