Learning Pottery in Melbourne!

Learn Japanese Culture in Melbourne.
One of the charms about Melbourne is the substantial variety of short courses available where you can easily learn something new.

EastWest College of Natural Therapies Open Day !

Be a leading practitioner!
Open Day 14th November (Sunday), 2010
EastWest College of Natural Therapies founded in 1978 is the one of the oldest school in Australia, instructing in shiatsu and massage therapies.

Good News From The City Library

the City Library in Flinders Lane will have several Japanese language magazines available for borrowing (Kateigaho, Orange Page, Shonen Jump, Men’s Non-no, Kera, Ribon, Sweet, etc).

My First Taiko Drum

About a three-minute walk from Collingwood station, you can hear that familiar sound coming from somewhere.
When you think of Taiko drums, what comes to mind?
Festivals, Summer, a strong beat, a towel twisted around your head as a headband and a Happi coat? I’m getting a little excited just thinking about it.

Kanji Dojo Lesson 3

Kanji is one of four types of script (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Roman-script) in Japanese. Let’s enjoy Kanji at Kanji Dojo with Mr Hiroshi Watanabe.

Nihon mura – Learning English and Japanese the fun way

At all the conversation circles I’ve been to I often hear about this Japanese school known as “Japaneasy”. Listening to the impressions of the people I meet saying things like “It’s really good”, and “It’s not just good, very good” I began to wonder what’s so great about this place?

The Waverly Bonsai Club

The Waverly Bonsai Club is an enthusiastic group of friendly people ranging from beginners to those with many years of experience. And in age from a few primary school children to a few oldies in their eighties.