One High School Girl × Melbourne × Earthquake Support

Have you heard about this?
The story of a high school girl fighting alone to send messages from Melbourne to Hachinohe city in Aomori prefecture, an area struck by the Great East Japan earthquake.

Aki Okado, 17 years old – things I can to do now to help.
Interviewed by Yudai Kohchi

The Only Professional Water Skier in Japan & Asia

This is an interview with Saaya Hirosawa, competitor of “Moomba Masters 2011”, an international water skiing competition held in Melbourne’s largest festival – the Moomba Festival. As a person who strives to achieve her goals, Hirosawa talks about her sporting life.

DUCK DUCK GOOSE Chef Ryo Kitahara

We met Mr. Ryo Kitahara, the head chef of DUCK DUCK GOOSE. He is a talented chef who is progressing remarkably. He also is a reformist chef and has changed the entire menu just a month after his arrival.

Melbourne’s martial arts expert, Shihan George

George Kolovos is the manager of a gym that specialises in martial arts in the CBD. His students and staff know him as Shihan (teacher or instructor in English) George. Several times a years, accompanied by some of his students, as a karate instructor George will visit numerous countries all over the world, including Japan, which he visits every year.

Interview with Mr. Masahide Yasuda

Toyota Australia started the production of a new hybrid car, the Camry Hybrid, in December 2009, and it went on sale this February. We asked President Masahide Yasuda about the sale of Camry hybrid and TOYOTA Australia’s future.

Passion for Sake: Meet the Pioneer of Sake Boom

A Sake Tasting sponsored by Sommeliers Australia was held at “Hanabishi” restaurant, on Tuesday, May 4th, with Mr. Masahiko Iga, the distinguished sommelier of the association. There we met Mr. Andre Bishop, who was one of the participants. Mr. Bishop is a pioneer and a trend-setter in current Izakaya and Sake booms in Melbourne. We asked Mr. Bishop about future prospects and challenges for the Sake culture to be embraced in Australia.