Japanese people face matters squarely with fairness

An interview with His Excellency Shigekazu Sato, Ambassador of Japan to Australia

On 1 August 2020, we had the pleasure of interviewing HE Shigekazu Sato, Ambassador of Japan to Australia, who had come to Melbourne from Canberra to speak in the panel discussion organised by Asialink.

Japanese is a part of me! Part 2

43rd Australian Japanese Language Speech Contest – Victorian State Final

Final Application Date:
Wednesday 5 September 2020

Japanese is a part of me! Part 1

This year’s Australian-Japanese Language Speech Contest is about to begin!
But before that, let’s hear what 2011’s prize winner, Ronnen Leizerovits has to say about his experience!

Interview with tsugara-jamisen player, Noriko Tadano, in 2009

Originating from Chiba prefecture, Noriko started playing the shamisen when she was 6. Coming to Melbourne as a Japanese assistant language teacher (ALT) she has been performing shamisen in order to let more Australians know about Japanese culture. Currently, Noriko actively performs live shows on the streets and is featured in various festivals and concerts whilst working with other musical instruments and music genres. In the past, she has performed in the Japan Australia Music Goodwill Mission Xmas Concert at Sydney Opera House on December 26th, 2009.

George & Noriko – An Exclusive Interview

Popular Subjects of Australia’s Got Talent

(A Preview of the Next Live Performance)
The next busking event is on Wednesday June 27th. The location will still be somewhere on Bourke Street, and starts at around 12:30pm. Please come and support the live performance!

Interview with Jazz Pianist – Hiromi Uehara

Returning in 2012 from 1 – 10 June is the 15th year of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. This year’s festival featured Japanese pianist, Hiromi Uehara. We had the opportunity of interviewing Hiromi prior to her performances in Melbourne.

An Interview with Electro-Funk star, Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro is an Australian singer, songwriter, and music producer. He recently released his second album, “Return To Paradise.” Our editor recently had a phone interview with him in regards to his new album. Let’s take a look!

The Female rakugo performer, Showko, is here in Melbourne!

~Japanese Puppet Rakugo~
Date and Time: 14-16 June (7pm-8pm), 17 June (6pm-7pm)
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne
Ticket Price: Full – $23.00, Concession- $20.00
Showko’s Official Website: