Go ahead and enjoy Japanese food at home! Would you like to enjoy an exciting moment of opening a bento (Japanese lunch box)? Delivery Japanese restaurant is going to open in Mt. Eliza.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant

In 1988, this “Authentic Japanese restaurant” was started by Mr Oyama. It was Mr Oyama’s intension to set up a restaurant for Aussie’s who had never eaten Japanese food. Cherishing Japanese food he decided to create a restaurant that could provide real Sushi. This restaurant has subsequently become renowned as the first real Sushi restaurant in Frankston, and every night many artistically wonderful gourmets can be seen.

Ibuki Japanese Cusine

The Ibuki Restaruant Lonsdale is a Japanese restaurant that first opened in September 2009. Established in 1855, the restaurant’s building is one of Melbourne’s oldest architectural monuments, originally designated as a Victorian Historical Heritage Site. With the traditional Victorian brickwork, coupled with vivid Japanese seasonal flags and ”washi” paper decorations, the restaurant offers a very warm Japanese style atmosphere.