The Japan Festival

The festival started early in the morning in a deep fog with a temperature of less than 10 degrees Celsius, but the fog cleared around noon, leading to a clear sky and good weather. The temperature went up to almost 20 degrees in the afternoon, resulting in an outstanding Japan Festival.

Long Play: Goemon

The film draws on the 16th Century Japanese folk legend of Goemon Ishikawa a ninja bandit hero who – similarly to Robin Hood – stole valuables from the rich and gave them to the poor. Over time he has become a much loved figure in Japan, being the inspiration for many Kabuki plays and even having a dedicated video game series. Kiriya takes the seeds of the legend and builds around them an epic tale of heroism and sacrifice.

Young People, Set Your Sights on Japan!!

The JENESYS Programme 2010 has started and is now inviting young Australians to Japan with all expenses paid by the Japanese Government.
Launch parties have been held all over Australia, such as in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, and Melbourne had its own on Thursday, the 6th of May, at Central Pier, Docklands.

Japan Festival Volunteer Wanted

Volunteer staffs are highly welcome to support the Japan Festival.
Please contact Mr Nagashima, chief organazer of Japan Festival to via email.

Let"s Make Your Own Calligraphy Work!!

Shingo Nozao began studying traditional Japanese monochrome brushwork at the age of three. He graduated with a bachelor degree in department of Japanese literature in Hanazono university.

Landscape Garden Design Masterclass

Landscape Garden Design Masterclass: ‘Creating Balance in City Life’
with Professor Masao Fukuhara (from Osaka, Japan), 2009 City of
Melbourne/ISS Institute International Fellow.

The 35th Australian Kendo Championship

The 35th Australian Kendo Championship was held over two days on the 3rd and 4th of April at MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre) at Albert Park in Melbourne to decide the Australian Kendo champions. A total of more than 100 swordsmen fought in heated competition for the titles.

Japanese Language Exchange

Shaberoo-kai is a regular conversation group offering an opportunity to take part in Japanese-English language exchange – while having fun!