Kanji Dojo

Kanji is one of four types of script (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Roman-script) in Japanese. Let’s enjoy Kanji at Kanji Dojo with Mr Hiroshi Watanabe.

Japanese Calligrapher Ms. Miho Araki

Miho Araki; an artist of extraordinary talent together with an expertise in traditional Japanese calligraphy her artworks bring new life to the traditional Japanese art form. Miho offers her own messages that tap into everyday life; she likes to include a meaning that you can attach to your life. By way of thick black strokes on large white canvases Miho’s artworks are ready to enhance any living room wall.

Try Something New at YAMAHA Music Education Centre

Challenge yourself with a new skill at Yamaha’s new music school in Melbourne, Australia

YAMAHA Music Education Centre has opened a new school in Carnegie. In Japan 520,000 students learn at Yamaha Music Schools and worldwide 180,000 students at 1,600 different schools in 14 different countries, experience the joy of music. In Victoria there are eight schools.

Japanese Language Exchange

Japanese conversation clubs are highly recommended for learners and speakers of Japanese and help to deepen cultural exchange between Japanese and Australians.