Kirin Megumi Stories Vol.35 Red Spice Road

Red Spice Road is on McKillop Street (between Elizabeth St. & Queen St.) in Melbourne's CBD. This restaurant is situated on a little, narrow street, but once you open the door, you'll be moved by its depth and liberating interior.

The long communal tables and the red lantern under the skylight, which brings in the sun's rays, draw on "the spirit of the family unit in Asia." You can enjoy a unique Southeast Asian-style dining experience here.

This restaurant has been open for about five and a half years. Patrons come along with special people to enjoy the cuisine, which is all designed to be shared. The conversation that unfolds when you taste and share the same food is exceptional. It will make you want to come back for a function with a large group of people.





Chef Adam Trergove says he likes Kirin Megumi beer for its light feel and clear taste. He adds that he is not very fond of heavy-tasting beers. He told us that Kirin Megumi suits the dishes at his restaurant saying, "It goes well with fresh-tasting cuisine!"



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Wild Barramundi with Spicy Tamarind Broth, Elephant Ear Stem, Fish Mint,
Pineapple and Rice Paddy Herb |

 Deep-fried barramundi in a mild, clear soup. The light flavour is complemented by herbs and vegetables to make it even more refreshing. This dish really brings out the taste of all its ingredients.


Pork Belly with Apple Slaw, Chilli Caramel and Black Vinegar | $35.00

Red Spice Road's signature dish. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, it is simply scrumptious served with chilli caramel sauce. When you wash it down with Megumi beer… it's heavenly.
"We change the menu each season, but this dish is very popular so we can't replace it." says Bar Manager Adam Petrie.



Raw Salmon, Chinese Celery, Green Tomato, Sawtooth, Chilli and Kaffir Lime Salad | $35.00

This main dish is also enjoyable as an entrée. Full of coriander flavour that bursts in as a well-timed accent.


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Last year, Red Spice Road opened a second branch in the QV Centre. Here they serve dishes to individual tables, showing their evolution to a different concept from the McKillop St. restaurant. This branch features an eye-catching pond that echoes of feng shui. At Orchid Room next door, you can experience a bar with the air of high society.


▲Red Spice Road QV


Want to make your function or event an unforgettable time, an exotic Southeast Asian adventure? Let Red Spice Road grant your wish.


Red Spice Road | MCKILLOP

27 McKillop Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
TEL: 03 9603 1601
OPENS: (Lunch) Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm, (Dinner) Mon-Fri 5pm-late, Sat 6pm-late
CLOSE: Sundays


Red Spice Road | QV

Level 2, QV Centre, 31-37 Altemis Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
TEL: 03 8660 6300
OPENS: (Lunch) Mon- Sun 12pm-3pm, (Dinner) Mon-Fri 5pm-late, Sat & Sun 6pm-late


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