Ch.24: ITO EN and the 3 As!

25 Apr 2020

Ch.24: ITO EN and the 3 As!

All good things must come to an end, and this series is no exception. Thanks for joining Chabatake-kun on his adventures. Before we go, we'd like to show you all the ITO EN branches around the world!


Chapter 23: I am Mister Green Tea
Chapter 22: Tully's Coffee's Uji-green tea latte
Chapter 21: Transforming used green tea leaves into cool recyclables!
Chapter 20: Make this with Chabatake-kun! Cooking with green tea powder [Summer Edition pt.2]
Chapter 19: Make this with Chabatake-kun! Cooking with green tea powder [Summer Edition]
Chapter 18: 10-course green tea dinner event report!
Chapter 17: Let's make colourful matcha drinks! Try it with various toppings at home!
Chapter 16: If you go to Japan, look out for ITO EN's Shop & Cafe!
Chapter 15: OCHA's Green Tea Kaiseki Dinner
Chapter 14: Japanese Green Tea made in a certified Australian Factory!

Chapter 13: Victorian organic green tea harvest report!
Chapter 12: It's tea harvesting season in Wangaratta! 
Chapter 11: {Spring Special} Make matcha salt with Chabatake-kun!
Chapter 10: Spring cleaning! Using tea power to cleanse!

Chapter 9: How does Japanese green tea differ from the rest?

Chapter 8: The “Staple Beverage” in Silicon Valley!
Chapter 7: The Tea Specialists – ITO EN's Tea Taster
Chapter 6: Tea Guru, Uncle MAtchame's lesson about the PERFECT cup of Green Tea
Chapter 5: Staying healthy with Green Tea (Part 1)
Chapter 4: Easy-peasy Matcha Chocolate Recipe
Chapter 3: Yum… Green Tea Desserts Collection!
Chapter 2: The First Crop – 88th Day New Tea
Chapter 1: Victoria's Tea Leaf + Japan's Technology = Premium Green Tea

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