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Beef and garlic shoots look good and go very well together. Introducing an easy chop-and-cook satisfying stir-fry using organic, gluten-free Tamari Soy Sauce.


There are just two ingredients: thinly sliced beef and fresh green garlic shoots. Garlic shoots have a subtle smell, and when fried they are easy to consume large quantities. They are full of vitamin C and increase your immunity, prevent colds and look after your skin, too!


Marinade the beef in organic, gluten-free Tamari Soy Sauce and set it to one side while you roughly cut up the garlic shoots. This dish only takes two minutes to prepare. The concentrated smell of the soy sauce will hit you as its rich aroma fills the room and soothes your soul.


Fry the beef quickly in a piping-hot frying pan. By cooking it quickly at a high heat, you seal in the flavor of the marinated meat. Then toss in the garlic shoots to make a great dish in a flash!


Don’t miss the next recipe for simple cooking with Tamari Soy Sauce! Whether you use it for stir-fries, marinades, soups or salads, it will improve your cooking ability without a doubt!


By Kurilui

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In this series, we’ll show you how to use Ichiba Junction’s highly recommended San-J tamari soy sauce to bring the charm to your dinner table.


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