Ch.17: Let’s make colourful matcha drinks!

Ch.17: Let's make colourful matcha drinks! Try it with various toppings at home!

Who knew you could do so much with matcha! Don't you just want to try making some of Chef Kitahara's drinks at home? Read to find out how!


Chapter 16: If you go to Japan, look out for ITO EN's Shop & Cafe!
Chapter 15: OCHA's Green Tea Kaiseki Dinner
Chapter 14: Japanese Green Tea made in a certified Australian Factory!

Chapter 13: Victorian organic green tea harvest report!
Chapter 12: It's tea harvesting season in Wangaratta! 
Chapter 11: {Spring Special} Make matcha salt with Chabatake-kun!
Chapter 10: Spring cleaning! Using tea power to cleanse!

Chapter 9: How does Japanese green tea differ from the rest?

Chapter 8: The “Staple Beverage” in Silicon Valley!
Chapter 7: The Tea Specialists – ITO EN's Tea Taster
Chapter 6: Tea Guru, Uncle MAtchame's lesson about the PERFECT cup of Green Tea
Chapter 5: Staying healthy with Green Tea (Part 1)
Chapter 4: Easy-peasy Matcha Chocolate Recipe
Chapter 3: Yum… Green Tea Desserts Collection!
Chapter 2: The First Crop – 88th Day New Tea
Chapter 1: Victoria's Tea Leaf + Japan's Technology = Premium Green Tea

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