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Paintless dent repair utilises special dent tools to get rid of small dents and dings on cars.

To find out more, we decided to ask father-son team, Keiji and Fumiya Hirose of Dent39 – the only Japanese paintless dent repair specialists in Melbourne.

Highest quality repairs by father-son team, Keiji and Fumiya Hirose

What exactly is dent repair?

Dents can be caused by many aspects; weather and damage caused by other car doors and shopping trolleys. To remove them, we insert a thin metal pole like object into the small gaps between doors and windows and use the principle of leverage to push the dents and dings out. There are about one hundred specialised tools for the job.

Paintless dent removal is quite fascinating as the job gets done quickly. There’s also no need to repaint the car which helps maintain the original coating.


When did paintless dent repair originally start?

Originating in Germany, the technology behind paintless dent removal was devised as a reaction to hail damage in the States. They do this kind of thing back in Japan as well, but it’s not as popular yet.

Melbourne is a great city filled with charming people and the hail damage we get here isn’t so bad. I think Melburnians would like to protect their cars as well, so I hope the need for dent removal increases.

What were your initial impressions on paintless dent repair?

Fumiya: I dented my car back in Japan and went to get it fixed. Much to my surprise, I did not have to leave my car as they fixed it for me right on the spot! I thought “Wow! It’s just like magic!” With that mentality as an incentive, I enrolled into tech school and decided to acquire the skills myself.

Living abroad is one of my dreams and I came to Australia with the mindset of popularising this repair technique.

Before: Many dents || After: Looks just like new


Is it all manual labour?

Fumiya: It’s a small delicate job so everything has to be done manually. The job looks quite simple spectating, but it actually requires a lot of perseverance and a calm personality as you can’t become frustrated easily. Also, having an open mind to challenge new repair techniques every day helps too.

Is it ok not to leave the car with you?

We usually repair the car on the spot, so it’s possible to wait whilst it’s being repaired. Depending on the condition and amounts of the dents, we can also provide you with same day or next day service. We can also come out to you at an additional cost.


Before: There’s around 300 dents caused by hail || After: Looks brand new

Is it possible to get an estimate quotation over the phone or email?

It’s better if we can see the car in person. That way we can assess the damage properly and give you a proper quotation. For a rough guide, we have a sample price list on our website.
How has the response been from the local Japanese?
Fumiya: The Japanese people are not quite familiar with this concept, so our work has been mainly based on jobs provided by a local car dealer. However, when I distributed some of our flyers in a Japanese supplementary class the other day, there has been a big response as we’ve received many quotation requests.

There seems to be not many people who specialise in paintless dent repair in Melbourne, so even if someone’s car was dented, they’d have no choice but to leave it as it is. We’ve also heard many people asking if there were places that they could get paintless dent repair and car maintenance done at the same place. So in response to that, we’ve asked the car dealer to introduce us to some contacts and have started car window servicing as well.

As a trusted and reliable service in the area, Keiji tells us he would like to continue to look after each customer’s cars for a long time.

Dent39 specialises in paintless dent removal however, they also provide other services like:

Maintenance repairs
Sheet metal and coating
Provision of replacement car
If you’re in Melbourne and need dent removal, give Dent39 a ring! Rest assured as Dent39 will look after your car with upmost care.
Dent 39
8 Riley Street, Oakleigh South VIC 3167
Mob: 0429 394 387
Email: [email protected]


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      Hello Ross,

      From what I can tell, their business may not still be running. I don’t know the author of this article as they are past staff, so I have no way of knowing.
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