【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Simple and Delicious Chinese-style mixed Rice


All you need is an electric rice cooker and three ingredients: rice, Chinese sausages and organic gluten-free soy sauce.


Along with the rice and water, pop in the Chinese-style sausages and add a generous glug of organic gluten-free soy sauce into the rice cooker bowl and switch on.


As the rice starts to cook, the lovely aroma of soy sauce becomes hard to resist. It’ll definitely make you hungry!


With the juices from the Chinese sausages and soy sauce, tons of flavoured is jam-packed into the cooked rice. The combination is just heavenly!

Use tamari soy sauce in stir fries, as a marinade or seasoning.  Your family and friends will be amazed at how well you can cook!

Stay tuned for more delicious soy sauce recipes next time!

by Kurilui


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