【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Easy Homemade pork bone Tonkotsu soup

Want to drink some authentic soup? Let me introduce this tonkotsu soup to you!



You’ll only need three ingredients – pork bones, carrots and organic gluten free tamari soy sauce.

There are also only three steps involved! First, cut up the carrots and place them in a pot of water with the pork bones and bring it to a boil.  Only a mere three minutes have passed to prepare this delicious soup.



Let it simmer for ten minutes before turning off the heat. Add organic gluten free tamari soy sauce to taste. A pleasant aroma should waft from the pot. Enjoy!



The flavour is best when the essence of pork and the soy sauce are combined. To complete the meal, remove the meat from the bones and add some noodles into the soup.



Your stir fries, marinades and salad dressings are sure to taste better if you add organic gluten free tamari soy sauce! Don’t miss the next instalment of our recipes!

by Kurilui

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