In full bloom

Birchbox Flowers is located in Yarraville, and is unique in contrast with other florists in the area. When you walk through the door, the beautifully lined walls of fresh colourful flowers and gifts, invoke a sense of rustic welcome. The shabby-chic natural surrounding wood tones mixed with the elegant white chandelier hung from the painted wooden roof set the tone for the warm smiles and quality service that you receive.

There is a deep sense of community found here that is rarely seen elsewhere. The wall behind the shop counter is decorated with photos of happy customers and their chosen floral arrangements. “We have regular people [that] keep coming back,” says Japanese florist, Naomi. “I like to make other people happy. That is my motivation”.

Naomi, a Japanese native, has lived in Australia for almost 20 years. She studied Floristry in England, where she also worked as an apprentice. “I was always involved in flower arranging. In Japan, if you are a girl, it’s easy to learn. It’s in our culture,” she says.

Naomi has been practicing Ikebana for many years too.

‘Ikebana’ is a simplistic style of Japanese art flower arranging. “It’s sharing the most beautiful line of the branch,” says Naomi.

‘Ikebana’ differs to western style flower arranging. Commonly, you would add more and more to the arrangement, whereas the ‘Ikebana’ style is opposite. The florist is more inclined to reduce the amount of branches in the arrangement. “The simple things [are] the most beautiful. You use the line, [and] the leaves. It is totally different to western style. If your mind is not totally clear, you can’t create [an] Ikebana arrangement,” she says of the meditative method.   

Customers really love and appreciate their willingness to challenge current floral trends. “People are looking for something different. At the Birchbox, we don’t create the same arrangement over and over again,” says Naomi. “I create my own different style”.

Birchbox Flowers is approaching its three-year anniversary in October. To celebrate, shop owners Naomi and Matt, will be having a Japanese calligraphy artist in store on Saturday, October 20, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you purchase anything in the boutique florist for $30 or more, you can have a free calligraphy piece made by artist Miho Araki.

Birchbox Flowers cater for weddings, corporate events, hospitality functions and much more.

Birchbox Flowers
51 Anderson St, Yarraville
Mon–Thu 9:30am-6pm, Fri 9:30am-7pm, Sat 9am-6pm
03 9687 0474

Story by Jodie Kako / photos by Bianca at Birchbox

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