【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 What’s Miso? vol.2

It is functional foods having high health benefit so as to be called when "miso keeps away a doctor". People of other days knew the effect and miso was useful as the medicine which prevented a disease, and kept health.

By the way, the colour of miso changes when it is left. so at this time, we will introduce the store method not to change colour if possible, cooking tips and usage after a colour changing.


■ The Preservation Method

When time passes, the colour of miso becomes densely (brown). Because it is easy to be influenced by temperature, although this is a phenomenon to be caused even if the package is not opened, let's keep miso in a refrigerator (5-8 degrees Celsius). In addition, the miso does not freeze even if It is kept with a home freezer (-20 degrees Celsius), and the long-term quality maintenance is possible.

Even if a colour thickens, it does not become the physical harm, but a flavour and quality show a change. Even an unopened state, it is recommended the safekeeping with the refrigerator (or a freezer) after the purchase. After opening the package, the surface drying and oxidation can be prevented by attaching chilling wrap on the surface to exclude all air.

* The liquid like soy sauce which sometimes occurs on the surface of the miso after opening is an extract ingredient of the miso which is it was possible for during the aging. It can be used by mixed it with miso.


■ Cooking Tips

Miso Soup

Stir miso before soup stock boils. Please turn off the heat when the soup boils. Please make miso soup with your favourite ingredients.


Simmered food, Japanese Hot Pot or Fried Food

Let's add the miso in a frying pan/a pot after combining with other seasonings.


** If miso is in the expiration date after it changed colour, please use the miso as seasoning of fried food and for pickling. You would not be relatively worried about the change of the flavour.

Recipes used miso paste


Use miso paste well; and wonderful miso life!




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