Tokyobike! How about trying ”Tokyo Slow” in Melbourne?

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"If the one for riding in mountains is called Mountain Bike, then the one for riding in Tokyo should be tokyobike"
Did you know there is a bicycle shop called tokyobike in Smith Street, Collingwood?



Opened in September 2011, Melbourne tokyobike is the second store in Australia after Sydney. Along with the flagship store in Tokyo, they have outlets in Singapore, Berlin and London as well. As its name suggests, tokyobike started with the concept of creating bicycles suitable for cycling in the heart of Japan.

Let the other bikes handle the speed. Tokyobike is for those who want to enjoy the city through slow cycling. Being light in weight, simple, practical and above all, colourful surely makes cycling more fun and enjoyable!


In fact, cycling in Melbourne is very common. Many people have their own preferences and like getting parts of their bikes modified to make them more personal and original. Tokyobike is strongly recommended for those kinds of people. There are a variety of parts to choose from in store.

One of the staff tells us that, "Cycling gives people freedom". Unlike the restrictions of public transport, cycling allows you to travel to destinations at your own pace. Adding on to this advantage, tokyobike makes bikes with more functions suitable for city cycling.


Ride through the city on tokyobike and you will be sure to fall in love with Melbourne even more!

For further information on bicycle trends, colours, special promotions and discounts please visit their store, website and blog.




5 Peel Street, Collingwood, VIC 3066
03 9417 2845
Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun : 11am-5pm
(Tue & Wed & Public Holidays Closed!)



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Written & Photographed by Takako Kaneshige


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