An Interview with Electro-Funk star, Sam Sparro

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Editor (E): Since you moved to L.A. when you were young, do you come back to Australia often?

Sam (S): Yeah, I come back a couple of times a year.


E: What about Melbourne? Do you have any favourite hangout spots?

S: When I’m in Sydney, I try to go to Melbourne. Melbourne is a very different city from Sydney; it’s a bit more urban and cultural.
Although it’s a little bit off the radar, there is a street filled with vintage stores that I love.

E: You went to Japan for your previous album tour, right? What's your impression on Japan?

S: I love Japan! I’ve only been to Tokyo twice, but I already love it there! I went touring last time, but I can’t wait to go back.  I think it’s become my favorite place to visit in the world. The people are very polite and everywhere is so fascinating! I just love it there!


E: What about the audience in Japan? Did you find them any different?

S: I feel as if they are very different. They are definitely more attentive. Audience in the US and Europe tend to talk more during the show, but the Japanese pay a lot of attention, which is really nice.


E: What about Japanese food?

S: I really love Japanese food and I usually eat Japanese food at least once a week!
I like udon noodles, sushi, sashimi, miso soup, Kobe beef, teriyaki salmon, seaweed salad and so many more! Lots of Japanese people reside in L.A. and there’s a place near downtown called Little Tokyo too. There are some great restaurants over there.


E: About your new album “Return To Paradise”, the image is quite different from your previous album “Sam Sparro”. The previous one is much more colorful, whereas the new album can be considered monotone. Is it because your mood has changed?

S: Yeah, I think my mood has definitely changed.
When I released my first album, I was in a different phase of my life, where I think it was more exciting and experimental.
The second album I felt more conscientious. Whilst producing this album, I had a broken heart so I was hurt. However, the music still retains its cheerfulness. I think the serious side of me has come out in this album.


E: Whats are the highlights in your new album?

S: My favorite songs in the album are called “Let the Love In” , “Yellow Orange Rays” and “Shades of Grey”. “Shades of Grey” is a ballad about having a broken heart and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, it’s very sad.


E: Oh, that’s so sad… On the other hand, there’s a song called “Happiness”? I watched the MV and I thought it was awesome!

S: Yeah, “Happiness” is another one of my favorite too. It’s inspired by 42nd Street, and Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” music video.


E: To you, what is a paradise?

S: My paradise is someplace where it is forever sunny by the seaside with delicious food and most importantly has no mobile phones.
In the album, I think paradise is a metaphor for meditation; the idea of finding inner peace anytime, anywhere. I think paradise can be found within oneself.


E: Tell us about your recent collaborations.

S: Recently, I’ve worked with Adam Lambert in his new album which just came out this week.
I did a remix for Kimbra, that was really great, and we’ve done some writing together. She’s really good.
I would love to collaborate with Swedish band, Little Dragon. They’re fantastic!

E: As part of your tour, you came to Melbourne in March this year, will you be coming back soon? Any plans about going back to Japan?

S: I will be going to Japan later in the year and I’ll be coming back to Melbourne towards the end of the year too.


E: What's your message for your Japanese fans?

S: Hello! I’m Sam Sparro.
Thank you for all your support.
I really love Japan!
Arigatou gozaimasu.


E: Thanks so much Sam!

Interviewed and story by: Ryoma Kosaka



Return to Paradise is OUT NOW


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