Yamato Nadeshiko – Kanae



Name Kanae

Age 20

Occupation Student

Home Town Toyama

Length of Stay 5 Weeks

What is the main theme of your fashion today? The skirt I fell in love with when I first saw it

What are the things you would like to do during your stay in Australia? Master the English language

What are your tips on beauty? Express my femininity while maintaining my budget

How do you spend your weekends? Go shopping with my friends

How do you like it here in Australia? When I first came here, I was homesick. But now, I enjoy my courses and my stay in Melbourne! Melbourne is a city of style and fashion, I really like it here!


Today's Items

Handbag From Japan

Coat A shop on Swanston Street, $20

Skirt From Japan

Boots Docklands Outlet, $50

Watch From Japan

Necklace From Japan

Cardigan Docklands Outlet, $8

Blouse From Japan


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