Yamato Nadeshiko – Chihiro





Name Chihiro
Age 22
Occupation Uni student, nutritionist
Home town Aomori
The length of the stay 6 1/2 years
What is the main theme of your fashion today? A touch of loveliness by balancing the sexy white one-piece dress with a pair of floral patterned tights. (This is a low, open back dress actually.) The studded short boots made the whole look a little more mature.
What are the things you would like to do during your stay in Australia? Go travelling within Australia. I've been here for more than 6 years and all I've visited is Sydney.
Which is your favourite cafe or restaurant? Sushi Masa.
What do you enjoy doing recently? Dance class that I haven't been attending because of the tight schedule after entering Uni. I started modern dance and classical ballet since I was 3 and jazz and hip-hop dance up till 4 years ago. I really want to go to go for jazz and hip-hop dance again next time!
What are your tips on health and beauty? As a nutritionist, I insist on having a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies. Drinking 2L of water everyday is a must. I will take health supplements and chlorophyll with water before going to bed on a night of drinking. Moreover, I make sure I take health supplements everyday. Besides, I do yoga and massages for good health. I think my tips on being healthy will be not relying on medication but changing one's diet and lifestyle. Not to miss the motivation on wanting to be beautiful all the time.
What do insist when comes to fashion? Cute at low prices! I don't quite follow the fashion trend and I choose clothes that are a bit different. What is interesting about fashion, is to wear clothes that I love. And I love designs that are a little peculiar.


Today's Item:
Coat: A birthday present from my boyfriend, off-brand.
One-piece dress: Supre $40
Tights: Tuck on Swanston Street $15
Boots: An outlet in Richmond $90
Bag: Forever New $40
Necklace and bracelet: A souvenir from New Zealand from my boyfriend
Scarf: Bardot $15

Skin care and Cosmetics recommended by  Chihiro:
Facial cleanser: Centaphil, doesn't contain parabens or fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Toner: It will just dry off my skin so I use aloe vera gel instead, which is good for break outs.
Moisturizer: Vitamin C serum by Avalon Organics
Facial Mask: DIY maks made from Avocado and banana
Cosmetics: I use NUDE's products basically


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