Watch out for Wet Paint! Japanese Ink-painiting (Bokuga) Workshop for Kids

Japanese Ink-painiting (Bokuga) Workshop for Kids

There is this interesting phenomenon occurring in Victoria now: Kids are all smiles and Parents, the opposite. I know I know, you love your kids so much that you want them to make the most of their holiday.

Here is one of the activities you can do with your cutie-pies:

Kid's Sumie workshop
Monday 03 Oct 12:30 – 13:30

children over grade 4 & parents welcome
@Ebisu design 161Ormond Rd. Elwood
Bookings:0438426587 or [email protected]

Bokuga or sumie means ink-paintings in Japanese. Think of shodou (calligraphy). The same ink is used for both art forms and the only difference is that in calligraphy, you write, whereas in ink-painting, you draw. So the good news is, even if you don't have the knowledge of the language, you can still enjoy!

Just one more thing I have to break it to you: This elegant indoor activity calms them down and helps concentrate better.
Isn't this way better to just feed them with low GI food?
*Tell them they will get closer to NARUTO by joining the workshop!

Kinran Kamataki (Member of the International Bokuga Association – Certified Advanced Lecturer)

Running the Melbourne school of International Bokuga Association, currently working mainly in the City and Elwood. She received Asahi-Shinbun Award, Incentive Award and more during the International Public Exhibition in Tokyo. She also exhibited her work in the exhibitions in China and Paris.

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