Japanese Calligrapher Ms. Miho Araki


Miho Araki; an artist of extraordinary talent together with an expertise in traditional Japanese calligraphy her artworks bring new life to the traditional Japanese art form. Miho offers her own messages that tap into everyday life; she likes to include a meaning that you can attach to your life. By way of thick black strokes on large white canvases Miho’s artworks are ready to enhance any living room wall.

It’s no wonder Miho’s artworks are so striking in perfection; having studied the practice of traditional Japanese calligraphy since she was five years of age from her mother, an acclaimed Calligraphy Master in native Japan.

Creating large multi-panel canvases, Miho uses a horsehair brush with a tip “as big as ones head”, painting thick black strokes on large white canvases with each piece to reveal a meaningful message or poem.

You can view her artwork at ebisu design 161 Ormond Rd in Elwood; miho has run the business since 2001. All her artworks are hand written and original that display her traditional red family seal, every time you go you will see different artworks on the wall as well as Japanese antique furniture, kimono and artifacts. 


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