Aoi Japanese T-Shirts 4th anniversary Campaign

[ Buy 2 and take 1!! ] Campaign

15/8 MON -> 15/9 THU (1month)

We have been designing and selling each single T-shirt meticulously in the hope that it will be always treasured by our customers for many years to come.
For, we do not want our customers to feel regret, for example, by finding that their favorite items are being sold at unimaginable prices such as 50% cheaper than the prices at which they bought from us.
Such being the case, and also as a way of thanking our customers for the occasion of our 4th anniversary,
we have decided this time to provide the customer who will buy two pieces of T-shirts during the period of campaign with one piece of his or her favorite T-shirt at free of charge!

Conditions apply:

This also applies to T-shirt + accessories or hoodies (providing that the customer purchases 2 or more items and in the amount of no less than $80).
This also applies to a group of customers such as a couple, friends and even a family as long as the group represents as a single payer.
The free T-shirts to be provided shall be limited to those priced at $40 (those of organic cotton and of bamboo fabric are not included).


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Japanese T-Shirts Aoi

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