Try Something New at YAMAHA Music Education Centre

YAMAHA first opened a music school in 1970 in Australia, this year will be Yamaha Music School’s 40th anniversary. During this time, many professional and successful artists and performers have begun their studies at a YAMAHA Music Education Centre.

 The official opening ceremony of the school in Carnegie was held on 21st of February 2010. The cocktail party had a relaxed atmosphere and was started with a greeting from Yamaha Music Australia’s Managing Director, Mr Wakamatsu. After his speech the showcase began with a performance by pianist, Stefan Cassomenos, who studied at YAMAHA and now plays for the remarkable Australian trio (violin, cello, and piano) 'the Yarra trio'. This was followed by a performance from young talent, Joshua Juandy, who composed jazz and played with professional musicians at age 13. The Liston children performed an old favourite and the younger students sang in chorus which showed their wonderful ability and potential for the future.

Official opening ceremony by Managing Director Mr Wakamatsu

Yamaha courses are the same worldwide and start with the Music Wonderland Course (MWO) which caters for children from around 3½ years of age, Junior Music (JMC) for children aged 4½ to 6, which is said to be best time to develop hearing, and Young Musicians’ Course (YMC) for 6 ½ to 8 year olds. Yamaha teachers are very passionate, highly trained and love working with children. The YAMAHA music education system is common in all the countries and it is centres around group teaching. Because of the group teaching, in a multicultural country like Australia, you can also develop social skills. The curriculum aims to develop children’s creativity and small children benefit greatly though learning the basics of music and are encouraged to make their own music and express themselves through music.



The newly opened school in Carnegie is the largest centre in Australia. The Carnegie School also has electric guitar, drum and violin courses which are the first courses in Australia for YAMAHA Music Education Centre. There are also courses for adults, children and teenagers. Equipped with sound proofed rooms for the drum and guitar courses, you can enjoy playing loudly, complete with a beautiful view from the window.


    Professional pianist Stefan Cassomenos (Left)
the Liston Children (Middle)
Guitarist was a teacher from YAMAHA (Right)

Yamaha holds regular lessons each week and special work shops during the school holidays.

The YAMAHA school in Carnegie is about 20 minuets away from the CBD on the Cranbourne/Pakenham line. The centre is located at level 2, Carnegie Central, which is 5 minutes walk from Carnegie station. Located along Princess Highway, the school is very easy to access and there is a parking under the shopping centre.

“I used to play the guitar and would like to try it again”, “I would like to start drums but do not have enough space and I worry about the noise”, “ I would like to make some new friends” are all reasons to start learning music at Yamaha. Even if you are an adult, learning music can give you a new focus and will help you challenge yourself. Would you like to start music at YAMAHA Music Education Centre?

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