It is the arrival in “the autumn of the appetite ” to be able to fully taste seasonal food while getting deepen in autumn, and healing the stomach which weakened in the summer in a harvest season.
For Monthly Special of Ichiba Junction, rice is an appearance in such a season.

Drunk Talk: 3. Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi

Seikyo (true mirror), which is getting popular at Dan Murphy’s recently, a gem that embedded with the wish to reflect the sincerity of the brewers, which looks like a mirror when poured in a glass.

【ICHIBA JUNCTION】 Yamagataya Seaweed Gift Series Arrival!

Yamagataya was established in Nihonbashi, Tokyo by Sohachi Kubota who came out of Oshu in the Edo era (1764); and their history is more than 240 years. The name of the shop yearned for the far-off hometown Yamagata prefecture and to be named.
Yamagataya where continue following tradition from generation to generation and still notice at a position as a long-established store of “nori seaweed” in Japan.

Sipping with the Sake Master = Shochu – Discover Japan’s other great drink =

Shochu – Discover Japan’s other great drink

Whilst most Australians are familiar with sake, shochu is an often overlooked and under appreciated Japanese drink. Shochu is a distilled spirit commonly made from rice, barley, soba (buckwheat), sweet potato or brown sugar. Many other obscure variants exist including carrot, tomato, chestnut and even milk!