Ate肴: Tofu Marinated with Miso Paste

Tofu × Miso = Cheese!?
Tofu marinated with miso paste is a Japanese traditional preserved food. 
It tastes like a kind of cheese after marinated, and it goes with sake well. The taste also changes depends on kinds of tofu & miso. Let’s try with your favorite tofu & miso.

Ate肴: Tofu marinated with miso paste

・1 Tofu
・4 tbsp Miso Paste
・2 tsp Mirin or Sake

1.Lightly weigh(e.g. plate) the tofu down, leave it for about 3 hours, then drain.

2. Mix the miso and the Mirin (or Sake).

3. Spread the paste on all surface of tofu, and cover it with a kitchen paper.

4. Leave it in a fridge for 2 days.

5. Remove the miso paste and slice the tofu.


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Our recommendation

We recommend drinking this Ate with Lento, brown sugar shochu.
Contains 0% of sugar and made with underground water of the Amami island and brown sugar. It is used the sound mature method (vibro transducer) which is to let the sake listen a classical music to be mellow and very refreshing taste by a female toji. We recommend to drink on the rock or straight in summer time. Can be used as cocktail base too.

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Recipe and edited by Sayumi Taniguchi

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