[Event Report from Sake Online] Japan Culture and Art Festival 2012

Thank you so much for coming to Japan Culture and Art Festival 2012!!

We have sold some of Sake on this event. We are very glad to hear how’s the taste like in person,
and to see everybody were interested in our Sake by tasting!!

We have provided for tasting of Yume Wine, You’s Time Light, Onigoroshi, and Highball

The feedbacks of these products are like this:
Yume Wine: easy to drink, mild than Plum wine (especially suiting women's tastes)
You’s Time Light: refreshing and refined sourness (many people had a interest in Yuzu, Japanese mandarin)
Onigoroshi: dry than others but easy to drink and smooth.

Highball [Sake & Yuzu]: casual and cheap, new style of Sake


Thank you for the positive feedback! It was sold out due to high popularity.
We are looking forward to see you guys again in the festival next year!

★The pictures in the festival★
There was hold variety of cultural events such as Sado(Tea ceremony) , Rakugo, Karate and so on.
Everybody from children to the elderly were enjoying this event!    See more pics on Facebook!


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