Mum, it’s the thought that counts…


"Hey MUM, guess what? I've this thing you're gonna love♪"


Look up the sky! You might be able to spot this skywriting too!


Most mothers or mother figures (grandmothers, godmothers, nannies etc) will automatically output the above line as:

"Hey mum, can you pleeeeease get me this for me? I love it so much and I'm sure you're gonna love it too!"
"Hey mum, actually right, you know, erm… OK, I just scratched dad's car so you gotta help me out!"
"Hey mum, you see, I used up my budget for this so I gotta count my brekkie and dinner on you. Oh! Lunch will be nice too.."

Poor mothers… You really gotta do something to clear the unpleasant impression!

It's the thought that counts, they say. But this Mother's Day, think of something that can make your mum's day before you utter Happy Mother's Day.

So, you have tried flowers, chocs, wine, accessories, a not-so-comfy message (maybe?). What else? Now think Sake. Japanese Sake, something innovative but not too avant-garde; Something cute but not too in-your-face; Something with meanings, something yummy… most of all, something WITH LOVE and GRATITUDE.

They are all less than $30 a bottle. Good price for exceptionally high quality. I know you know what to choose.

 1. Eiichi Shuwa Shuwa Amakuchi Junmaishu

This junmai looks lovely tastes even lovelier! It's a 100% natural carbonated sparkling junmai sake. Slightly cloudy, but don't shake it too hard as you won't do the same with any other fizzy drink. "Shuwa Shuwa" is the onomatopoeia of fizzy stuff (and the synonym of your bubbly mum perhaps?) It's fruity sweet and very refreshing which serve best as a an aperitif. Definitely give a good chill before enjoying. Goes well with cheese and nut platters.


2. Houraisen Junmai Daiginjo Bi

Down to the accompanying sake, we have chosen this pinky lady for you. 'Bi' means Beauty in Japanese. The name and the design of the bottle tell it all. Beautiful, sweet yet elegant. As it is a junmai daiginjo, it also means it has a delicate, clean body. The nose is somewhat like peach. Serve chilled or room temperature and don't kill the sake with strong-tasting food. Some of the best matches will be soba, tofu, egg and white fleshed fish dishes. Let not this sake brings out the best of your meal, but your mother's beauty, too.


3. Kotsuzumi Junmai Ginjo Hana Fubuki

We have chosen this award-winning junmai ginjo in the International Sake Challenge 2011 for variety. "Hana Fubuki" means flower storm literally. Imagine a gorgeous lady standing in a mountain of flowers and as the sudden blast of wind comes, floral scents fill the air… Very different from the first two, this sake is richer and dryer. The body is not too strong so it won't take over instead, enhance the flavour of your dishes.This is a versatile sake that can be served chilled, at room temperature or slightly warmed. You will be surprised by the character change of the sake! Best friends with sashimi, sushi and dishes with tart taste (eg pickles, balsamic vinaigrette chicken).

4. You's Time Light

Your mum will just love this stylish bottle at first sight – red butterflies printed on a frosted glass. You's Time is a yuzu (Japanese citrus) liqueur made with Japan's yuzu juice and ginjo, which prominent characteristic is the big yuzu zest. Not cloyingly sweet with a clean and refreshing aftertaste so be ready to be refreshed by this digestif. It's a lighter version of the widely loved You's time, which alcohol content decreases from 12% to 5%. As tasty but lower calories and alcohol content. Serve chilled or over ice.



Sake alone is good, but never good enough.
Try preparing these matching dishes and make your mum feel really special!

(Click on the images for recipes)


(If you can handle it…)                                                                           

Grilled Yuzu Marinated Spanish Mackerel

(Alternatively make her sushi platter with the help of Ichiba Junction products…)    


          UMAMI 4 star Tuna Saku                Yellow Tail Skinless Loin       



(If you can handle it…)                                                                         

Black Sesame Panna Cotta and Sesame Tuille

(Alternatively introduce her to some traditional Japanese desserts – wagashi…)                           



or simply…

pour You's Time Light over Vanilla Ice Cream



May the world be smudged and sludged,

I can still make a stance because

No matter what happens, you are the first to care and last to judge.

Everlasting health and beauty – To My Dear Mother.



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