Hikari Miso × Chef Kitahara (Duck Duck Goose) – Layers of Sophisticated Tastes

Translated by Yun Liu

Hikari Miso × Chef Kitahara (Duck Duck Goose) – Layers of Sophisticated Tastes

A trip from Shinshu to France

Miso Duck and Foie Gras Parfait

Layers of sophisticated tastes – A passionate piece of art work

It looks like a dessert at the first glance. “No, it is actually an entrée,” said the creator of this dish, chef Kitahara. But I still doubted what I just heard, and could not imagine its taste.

Despite its similar appearance to an apple crumble and a tiramisu, this dish is actually made of duck meat, the iconic ingredient of the restaurant Duck Duck Goose.


Fine quality duck meat is marinated for a night with six types of spices, salt and sugar. Next day, the duck meat is grilled until the surface is scorched, and then packed in an air tight bag with Hikari Miso (usually for marinating fish).

It is then steam cooked slowly at a temperature of 62℃. The centre of the meat is kept at 58℃ to keep the protein from solidifying. This is usually the temperature of medium rare meat. The result of this method of cooking is a soft, succulent piece of meat that tastes like premium ham.

Finally, the flavour is locked in by cooling it down with icy water. I could not help but to exclaim “What a complex process!”

But that was all just about the processing of the meat. And now ….

Although a foie gras parfait is regarded as the decoration for the meat, it is actually a product of love made of foie gras, duck liver, eggs, brandy, Port wine and fresh cream heated in the oven. It is then mixed with French butter and cooled down to produce a flaky taste.

This delicacy is decorated beautifully with handmade cacao (chocolate soil), apple that has been stewed in red wine and lemon juice, apple jelly, cardamom and apple powder, etc.

The story behind the creation of this dish all began a few months ago when I daringly approached chef Kitahara with Hikari Miso’s brand of fish marinating miso, and asked him if he could make something out of it that could be put on the menu. Not only did he reply “OK” to my abrupt requests, he also created a masterpiece; I sincerely appreciate his dedication.

The only word that I can use to describe this dish is “delicious”. I know this may not be expressive enough but it is a “deliciousness” that surpasses all my sensations! It is a piece of artwork that harmonises sweetness, aroma, bitterness, freshness, delicateness and boldness. What is more stunning about this dish is its representation of chef Kitahara’s open-hearted and charming character. Duck Duck Goose wishes to make its customers feel like they have been invited over to the chef’s place to taste an ultimate delicacy in a carefree relaxing atmosphere.

After savouring the different layers of sensational tastes, the taste of miso slowly and gently sinks in. It is as if one has finished a spring trip to France and is returning to Shinshu, the hometown of Hikari Miso.

Dinner is $120 and/or $180 course for two. You can try this dish out by the end of June. Of course, you may also order it as a single item.


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